Titan Pro

The first Swiss based precious metals and cryptocurrency exchange

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While the new digital asset class like cryptocurrencies are gaining tremendous traction in the last few years, the challenge of combining physical assets with digital assets remains the same. The challenge was combining a fluctuating price of a physical asset (like gold), and binding it with a cryptocurrency so that the price fluctuation remains identical. This had to be done all while offering the end user the ability to trade these assets on the same platform.


TitanPro Exchange is the first Swiss Precious metals and cryptocurrency exchange. It allows customers to access the bullion and crypto markets from a single, robust and easy to use interface. Each virtual currency bought on TitanPro Exchange is backed by the same amount of physical asset.


What we have made

In collaboration with TitanPay and Coineru (two existing projects we already made), we created TitanPro:

  • Tools to deposit/withdraw fiat and purchase precious metals;
  • Seamless user experience of interchanging precious metals with digital currencies;
  • Transfer assets to another person via email, phone number or unique ID (even for unregistered users);

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