Swiss Crypto Exchange

Secure and easy-to-use crypto exchange “Bitnuk” offering wide range of services and tools

KYC & AML tool “Globalpass”



Lack of rules and regulation in the cryptocurrency world made it the wild west in the exchange sphere. Most of the crypto exchanges are far too complex for the average user and often lack security, making them untrustworthy. They often choose questionable business tactics when it comes to compliance.


We decided to disrupt the atmosphere by making Bitnuk more intuitive, safer and completely transparent.

We built it as a convenient platform for both first time Bitcoin buyers and long-term investors. This is why we skipped overly-technical trading tools, opting instead for a user-friendly interface and created a system which does all the heavy-lifting in the background.


What we have made

Bitnuk, a Swiss Bitcoin exchange and wallet, was built in April 2018 from scratch. We integrated it with other solutions we already made - such as GlobalPass for KYC verification as well as TitanPay for the payment onboarding process. With the help of our team from Zug, Switzerland, we have disrupted the exchange industry by choosing the hard path and going through the lengthy process of compliance with Swiss laws, making it attractive for privacy-focused customers. Even though most regulated exchanges are complicated, the biggest innovation was making a compliant and user-friendly exchange.

iSun’s role played a big part in the creation of this exchange - we researched the market, created a strategy, built the whole system architecture & framework, topping it off with marketing for a segment of users which brings us to what you see today - a finished & successful cryptocurrency exchange.

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