Asset Digitization

Create, launch, monitor and trade your security & utility tokens

Product Overview

The popularity and emerging use cases of digital currencies have inspired numerous products and startups to turn to the development of their own coins.

However, thanks to many popular blockchain platforms, you do not have to create a new cryptocurrency from scratch. For instance, Ethereum’s technology is known for being among the most advanced and invulnerable technologies, which is why most products choose to create their tokens on Ethereum’s platform. Our developers can write a source code which you can use for the creation of your own ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens. Moreover, if your task is more complex, we are capable of working with IOTA, EOS, DASH blockchains or even create a custom blockchain according to your needs.

Delivered value

  • An experienced token development team
  • Create your own utility token
  • The ability to create your own security token, and use it for physical asset digitization
  • Post-deployment support, which will take care of technicalities and let you continue building your business
  • Possibilities of scalable, anonymous or IoT based integrations
  • Integration with our other solutions to drive user adoption
  • Any other custom-tailored solution according to your needs

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