Secure and easy-to-use product, featuring CGLD, CSLV, CPLT digital coins that are backed by precious metals



KYC & AML tool “Globalpass”



As peer to peer transactions are becoming more widespread, blockchain based crypto currencies are quickly becoming one of the most popular payment solutions. However, no current digital token or crypto currency is eligible of becoming the default payment system in the new financial era. Thousands of tokens and coins effectively lack real valuation, stability and versatility, making the ecosystems of most payment solution blockchains unusable for large scale adoption.


Coineru offers a unique solution by extending gold, silver and platinum exclusive characteristics bringing back the gold, silver and platinum standard to the new global economic era. We have created our own multi-chain with three cryptocurrencies Coineru Gold (CGLD), Coineru Silver (CSLV) and Coineru Platinum (CPLT).


What we have made

iSun has helped Coineru to move through its ICO phase by creating first multi-chain Gold, Silver and Platinum coins to be available in Ethereum (ERC20) and custom blockchain.

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