Titan Pay

The most secure Swiss based multi-chain, multi-currency wallet designed to store any major cryptocurrencies

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Due to the fact that cryptocurrency is a relatively new topic, most existing companies are focusing on one service at a time, meaning there is no one-stop-shop for entry-level customers. We wanted to target a customer who is a precious metals enthusiast, yet wanted a simple way to trade it, send it, or convert it into cash.


TitanPay is the most secure Swiss-based Multi-chain, multi-currency wallet designed to store Coineru and other major cryptocurrencies. One of the key elements of TitanPay is a virtual or physical debit card which gives its user the ability to seamlessly convert and withdraw Coineru precious metal tokens into cash.


What we have made

We created TitanPay - a payment processing solution allowing the end user to receive virtual or physical debit card, which enable fiat currency transactions and withdrawals directly from the user's wallet in which he holds cryptocurrency.

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